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Hawthorn Fruit Extract Hawthorn Flavone/ Hawthorn Flavonoids10%-40%

1.Product Name: Hawthorn berry extract powder
2.Botanical Name: Crataegus pinnatifida Bge
3.Part Used: Fruit
4.Active Ingredient: Vitexin, Flavones, Polysaccharides.
5.Specification: Vitexin 2%(HPLC),Vitexin-2-rhamnoside
Flavones 5%,10%,20%,30%(UV)
10%,20% polysaccharide
6.Appearance: Brown powder
7.CAS: 3681-93-4
8.Molecular Formular: C21H20O10
9.Extract Method: Water/Enthanol
  • XJM2201
  • XJM
  • 039
  • Vitexin, Flavones, Polysaccharides.
  • Brown yellow powder
  • HPLC and UV
  • NO
  • 1%-98%
  • Kosher HALAL GMP ISO2000
  • 80-200MESH
  • Vitexin, Flavones, Polysaccharides.
  • Pharm grade or cosmetic grade and food grade
  • Solvent Extraction
  • 2years
  • Aluminum foil bag or drum packing
  • Avaliable


Hawthorn fruit is used separately from the leaves, root or blossom. In China the fruit is not only a medicinal but also a treat, and sugared, dried berries are sold at festivals. Early Chinese remedies used the fruit to treat scurvy, a very legitimate use given their high vitamin C content. The fruit might also be given to end labor pains after birth, and to help cure stomach problems like constipation. Later uses of the fruit in Asia come from the European and American use of hawthorn fruit.
Hawthorn has important medicinal value. Since ancient times, it has been a good medicine for invigorating the spleen, reducing the consumption of food and producing phlegm.Hawthorn contains sugar, protein, fat, vitamin C, carotene, starch, malic acid, citric acid, calcium and iron, such as material, have fall hematic fat, blood pressure, cardiac and resisting arrhythmia, and so on.The flavonoids in hawthorn are a kind of drugs with strong anticancer effect, and hawthorn extract has certain inhibitory effect on the growth, proliferation and infiltration of cancer cells.

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Function of Hawthorn Fruit Extract

1) strong heart function: hawthorn has the effect of increasing myocardial contractility, increasing cardiac output, and slowing cardiac rhythm.

(2) effects on coronary blood flow and myocardial oxygen consumption: hawthorn extract and its total flavonoids have increased coronary blood flow, reducing the role of myocardial oxygen consumption and myocardial oxygen utilization.
(3) the role of myocardial nutritional blood flow: hawthorn to increased myocardial nutritional blood flow has a certain role, hawthorn effect on myocardial nutritional blood flow increase, may be related to expand coronary vascular bed, improve the coronary circulation.
(4) protection of experimental myocardial ischemia: hawthorn has protective effect on acute myocardial ischemia caused by isoproterenol sulfate in guinea pigs.Hawthorn extract has the effect of preventing or reducing isoproterenol causing myocardial ischemia or necrosis.
(5) antihypertensive action: hawthorn ethanol extract has a longer lasting effect on blood pressure.
(6) fall hematic fat action: hawthorn extract various parts of different animals caused by a variety of high fat model has a certain lipid-lowering effect, can be antagonism on high fat feedstuff caused by elevated serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Application of hawthorn Flavonoids10%-40%:

1. Applied in food field;

2. Applied in health product field;

3. Applied in pharmaceutical field.

4. Applied in cosmetics field.

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