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MCT Microcapsule Powder Medium Chain Triglycerides

Product Name: MCT Microcapsule Powder
Product alias: MCT powder, MCT microcapsule powder, caprylic acid triglyceride powder
Extraction source: palm kernel oil, coconut oil, etc.
Main ingredients: MCT oil, whey protein or whey powder, lactose or glucose syrup, phospholipids, VE, mono- and diglyceride fatty acid esters, etc.
Specifications: 70% MCT (as triglycerides)
Application areas: sports nutrition, special medical food, solid beverage, functional food, etc.
  • XJM

  • Xiaojinmi

  • 239

  • 70%


  • HPLC and UV

  • no

  • 50%-70%

  • Kosher HALAL GMP ISO2000

  • 80-200MESH

  • Caprylic acid, Capric acid

  • food grade

  • Solvent Extraction

  • 2years

  • Aluminum foil bag or drum packing

  • yes

  • xi'an

  • 10tons

  • 1kg or as your requirement

Product Description of MCT microcapsule powder:

MCT microcapsule powder is a white or light yellow powder, which is obtained from ultra-pure refined oil and fat rich in caprylic and capric triglycerides and medium carbon chain fatty acids, after spray drying and secondary embedding of microcapsules. , The product has good smell, good stability, good water solubility and dispersibility, and can be widely used in sports nutrition, special medical food, functional MCT energy food, solid beverage and other industries.

MCT (caprylic, capric triglyceride) is a medium-carbon chain triglyceride, with rapid fat metabolism and low pressure on the liver; it can inhibit fat synthesis and reduce body weight; it can quickly increase energy and improve muscle performance; it is easy for intestinal digestion and absorption.

MCT microcapsule powder has various formulas such as milk protein and pure plant starch. The MCT content has various specifications such as 50%-70% (special specifications support customization), and the product can be used in different application scenarios.

Product nameSpecification
MCT powder 50%50%CWD
MCT powder 70%70%CWD
MCT powder 70%70%WDP
MCT powder 75%75%WDP

Applications of MCT microcapsule powder:

Application of MCT in sports nutrition food.

Application of MCT in Weight Loss Products.

Application of Coconut MCT Oil Powder in Special Medical Products.


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