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Natural Blue Pigment

Product Name:Best Price Food grade color gardenia Extract gardenia blue powder
  • XJM
  • 104
  • 99%
  • gardenia blue
  • HPLC and UV
  • NO
  • 1%-98%
  • Kosher HALAL GMP ISO2000
  • 80-200MESH
  • gardenia blue
  • Pharm grade or cosmetic grade and food grade
  • Solvent Extraction
  • 2years
  • Aluminum foil bag or drum packing
  • Avaliable
  • Xi'an
  • 1tons per month
  • 1kg or as your requirement.

Product Description of gardenia blue:

Dark blue powder, easy to be soluble with bright blue in water, ethanol and propylene glycol & other hydrophilic solvents. Insoluble in organic solvents. Almost no smell, no taste. Low moisture absorption. Wihtin pH 4 to 8 range, no colour changed with 120 degree for heating over 60min. Poor light resistance. Almost it is not affected by Ca2+, Mg2+, Al2+ ion etc, but in case meeting Sn2+, Fe2+ in acid solution, the colour will be changed darker. Strong colour adhensive on protein compared to starch.

It can be dissolved in water and alcohol solution easily, but not in oil. Color of solution changes when PH is different. The powder can't absorb moisture and can't form solid. When use natural pigment, dissolve the color with a small amount of water first, and then mix the color solution with food materials.

Function of gardenia blue :

protection and benefiting gallbladder

Treating cardiovascular diseases

Prevent and cure atherosclerosis;

Anti-microorganism, anti-inflammation;

Sedation, bleeding stanching, dispelling swelling

Application of gardenia blue:

Widely used in instant rice & flour products,jam,fruit-flovoured beverages,beverages of fruit and vegetable

juice(pulp),candy,topping,imitation wine.When use Gardenia Blue, dissolve the color with a small amount of water first, and then mix the color solution with food materials.

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