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Xiaojinmi Bio focuses on meeting market demand and is committed to improving the extraction technology and innovative application of natural plant extracts. We can customize natural raw materials according to customer's formula, providing unique forms such as powder, liquid, oleoresin, etc. We provide natural custom extract application solutions to revolutionize your products. If you have a new idea and a unique product, please contact us and our experts will develop a product to suit your application.

If you have an idea for a new and unique product, please contact us and our specialists will develop a product to meet your application.
Herbal Extract Research And Development

Customized Production Process Of Health Products

Customized production process of health products: Medicinal and food homologous Chinese medicines, from primary Chinese medicinal powders to extracts and active small molecule peptides obtained by extraction, are widely used in SC food-grade health care products customization projects. For investors looking for factories to process their own tablets, granules and powder products, powerful OEM manufacturers must do these three things well to ensure the regularity of the products
Confirm the product type
Product label review and confirmation
Identify the ingredients
Customer service
Confirm the qualification of raw materials

Customized Production Process Of Health Products

Choose strong and regular manufacturers to customize health care products, and the processing factory will also provide the following services

Customized Production Process Of Health Products

 Confidentiality Of Product Formula;
 Standard Inventory Management;
 Scientific Formula Adjustment;
 Flexible Dosage Form Design, Etc.
Source food OEM manufacturers provide various flexible cooperation models for the customization of formal medicine and food homologous traditional Chinese medicine health products, and will also conduct relevant qualification and product compliance audits. This is also one of the willingness to choose formal factory cooperation
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