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What does salicylic acid do to the skin?

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Recently, because of the planting of various beauty and skin care bloggers, everyone has become familiar with salicylic acid. Today, Xiao Yan wants to talk to you about the effect of salicylic acid in skin care~

what issalicylic acid?

What does salicylic acid do to the skin?

1. What is salicylic acid?

"Salicylic acid English name: Salicylic acid, also known as o-hydroxybenzoic acid, molecular formula C6H4(OH)(COOH), molecular weight 138.05, white crystal, needle or powder. Specific gravity 1.443, melting point 156 ℃ ~ 159 ℃. Soluble Ethanol, ether, acetone, turpentine. There are many derivatives of salicylic acid, one of which is aspirin, an old medicine commonly used in medicine.”

Salicylic acid, also known as B hydroxy acid (BHA). Salicylic acid appears as a crystalline powder and is found in nature in willow bark, white beaded leaves and sweet birch.

The ability of salicylic acid to "exfoliate and clean up pores" is very good, and it is safe and less irritating to the skin than fruit acid, so it has become a hot ingredient in the skin care industry. In 1997, Dr. Kligman published in the American Journal of Dermatological Surgery: 30% high concentration of salicylic acid is added as an active ingredient in skin care products, which can reach the same level as 70% fruit acid peeling, which can weaken pigment spots, reduce pores, Removes fine wrinkles and improves sun-induced aging.

2. What is the effect of salicylic acid on the skin?

Salicylic acid can dissolve the constitutive substances between the cuticles and make the cuticles fall off, so it can remove the accumulated thick cuticles and promote metabolism. Due to its excellent ability to "exfoliate and clean up pores", it has high safety and low irritation to the skin, so it has become a new favorite of skin care products.

Salicylic acid's outstanding properties--fat-soluble, low irritation, deep into pores

(1) Sensitive and oily skin exfoliation options

Comparison of fruit acid and salicylic acid:

AHA is water-soluble, its molecular weight is small, and it can easily penetrate into the epidermis layer of the skin, even the dermis layer. It can directly act on the metabolism of cells in the basal layer of the epidermis, and can also accelerate the proliferation of collagen in the dermis. The higher the concentration, the faster the effect may appear. Correspondingly, the stimulation will be greater.

The fat-soluble properties of salicylic acid BHA can lock the action in the superficial stratum corneum, and also act on the dermis in the deep layer, without affecting the active epidermal cells. Due to its fat-dissolving properties, it can reduce pore inflammation and have a better acne-removing effect.

(2) The effect of removing acne and reducing pores:

Salicylic acid also has other effects, one of which is the removal of blackheads. Because the human body's own keratin is rich in lipids, the fat-soluble properties of salicylic acid penetrate deep into the stratum corneum and pores through the fusion of lipids, without causing irritation to the dermal tissue.

For AHA, it is difficult to remain in the pores for a long time, and it is limited in thoroughly cleaning the sebum accumulated in the pores. If you want to deal with pore acne problems without hurting the skin, the concentration and time of AHA need to be very careful and precise. .

Fruit acid can open pores, just like opening a bottle cap, and salicylic acid can go a step further to clean up the filth in the bottle. Salicylic acid removes excess sebum and dead skin cells that accumulate in pores, effectively reducing the risk of breakouts due to blocked and inflamed hair follicles.

The role of salicylic acid in skin care

1. Metabolism of the skin:

The stratum corneum of human skin mainly protects the cells of all layers of the skin. The metabolism of each layer of epidermal cells will naturally move outward, and the stratum corneum in the outermost layer will fall off normally after aging and drying. At the same time, the aging stratum corneum that does not fall off in time will make the skin look yellow and dull, slow down the metabolism of the skin, and even cause acne and block pores in severe cases.

2. The effect of exfoliating:

Salicylic acid can effectively remove excess and aging stratum corneum, while also promoting the rapid renewal of epidermal cells; if the epidermal cells are fresh and vibrant cells, the skin will naturally appear white and translucent.

3. Shrink pores:

Salicylic acid is fat-soluble and can enter the deep layers of the pores with the sebaceous glands that secrete oil, helping to dissolve the old accumulated stratum corneum in the pores, and at the same time improve the situation of pore blockage, so it can block the formation of acne, And shrink the enlarged pores.

4. Prevent acne:

Salicylic acid can prevent the generation of new lesions, and at the same time has certain oil control and antibacterial effects.

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