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Chlorophyll Food Coloring Sodium Copper Chlorophyll Powder

Product Name:High Quality Natural Color E80 Sodium Copper Chlorophyll Powder
Appearance:Dark Green Powder

  • XJM

  • 106

  • Sodium Copper Chlorophyll

  • green powder

  • HPLC and UV

  • NO

  • 99%

  • Kosher HALAL GMP ISO2000

  • 80-200MESH

  • Sodium Copper Chlorophyll

  • Pharm grade or cosmetic grade and food grade

  • Solvent Extraction

  • 2years

  • Aluminum foil bag or drum packing

  • Avaliable

  • Xi'an

  • 1tons per month

  • 1kg or as your requirement.

Product Description of Sodium copper chlorophyllin:

Sodium copper chlorophyllin: is a dark green powder, which is extracted from the leaves of natural green plant tissues, such as silkworm excrement, clover, alfalfa, bamboo, etc., with acetone, methanol, ethanol, petroleum ether and other organic solvents. Copper ion is used to replace the magnesium ion in the center of chlorophyll. At the same time, alkali is used to saponify it. After removing methyl and phytol groups, the carboxyl group formed becomes disodium salt. Therefore, sodium copper chlorophyllin is a semi synthetic pigment. The chlorophyll series pigments with similar structure and formation principle include sodium iron chlorophyllin and sodium zinc chlorophyllin It has the hue of natural green plants, strong coloring power, slightly poor stability to light and heat, but it has good stability in solid food, and precipitates in the solution with pH < 6. This product is suitable for neutral or alkaline (pH 7-12) food.

Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin by structure is a water soluble salt. It is processed by the alkaline hydrolysis of chlorophyll using copper.  Sodium copper chlorophyllin is derived through the process of alkaline hydrolysis where the magnesium atom is replaced with sodium and copper.

Other Name: Chlorophyllins copper complex, Chlorophyllin copper sodium salt
Color value: E141 (Powder), E140 (Liquid)
Botanical Resource: Spinacia oleracea, or Morus alba L., or Feculae Bombycis (Silkworm feces).

Reference Standard: USP32

Application Of Sodium copper chlorophyllin:

Sodium copper chlorophyllin E141 is easily soluble in water and slightly soluble in ethyl alcohol and chloroform; its aqueous solution is transparent without sediment.

The main purpose

Food to add

Studies on bioactive substances in plant foods have shown that increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables is closely associated with a decline in cardiovascular disease, cancer and other diseases. Chlorophyll is one of the natural biological active substances. As chlorophyll derivative, metalloporphyrin is the most unique among all the natural pigments and has a wide range of uses.

Textile application

In recent years, the negative effects of synthetic dyes used in textile dyeing on human health and ecological environment have attracted more and more attention. The use of pollution-free natural dyes for textile dyeing has become the research direction of many scholars. Can dye green natural dye less, and sodium copper chlorophyllin is a kind of food grade green color pigment, is a natural chlorophyll derivative, can be extracted chlorophyll after saponification, copper and other reactions, and refined, is a kind of metal porphyrin with high stability, dark green powder, slightly metallic luster.

Cosmetics use

Can be added to cosmetics as coloring agent. Copper chlorophyllin sodium for dark green powder, odorless or slightly smelly. The aqueous solution is transparent and green, which deepens with the increase of concentration. It is resistant to light and heat and has good stability. 1% solution pH is 9.5~10.2, when the pH is below 6.5, calcium precipitation can be generated. Slightly soluble in ethanol. Acidic drinks are prone to precipitation. Strong light resistance than chlorophyll, heating to 110℃ above decomposition. Due to its stability and low toxicity, sodium copper chlorophyllin is widely used in the cosmetic industry.

Medical applications

The application research in the medical field has bright prospects because it has no toxic side effects. When treating wounds, a paste made of sodium copper chlorophyllin can speed up wound healing. In daily life and clinical use as air freshener, especially anti-cancer and anti-tumor research is particularly prominent. Copper chlorophyllin sodium salt has the function of scavenging free radicals, the study considers adding in the cigarette filter tip, in order to remove all kinds of free radicals in the smoke, so as to reduce the harm to human body.


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