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Cosmetic Raw Materials

Cosmetic Raw Materials/ Cosmetic Additives.

Cosmetics are composed of material being reasonable allocation and distribution of mixture of cosmetics raw material variety, different performance According to the material properties and USES of cosmetics, generally can be divided into two categories, matrix materials and auxiliary materials The former is a type of the main raw materials of cosmetics, occupies a larger proportion in the cosmetics formula, is material with the function of main function in cosmetics The latter is the forming stability of cosmetics or give color incense, and other characteristics, these substances in the cosmetics formula dosage is not big, but it is extremely important Cosmetics are natural and synthetic or extraction of various different materials as raw materials, through heat stirring and emulsifying and added to the production process of chemical substance

The main raw materials of cosmetics are usually divided into general matrix raw materials and natural additives. Cosmetics universal matrix raw materials include: oily raw materials, cosmetics are the most widely used raw materials, in skin care products to protect, moisten and soften the skin, hair products play a role in shaping, hairdressing; Surfactants, can reduce the surface tension of water, with decontamination, wetting, dispersing, foaming, emulsifying, thickening and other functions, known as industrial MONOsodium glutamate; Moisturizer, cream cosmetics essential raw materials, its role is to prevent cream dry crack, keep skin moisture; Adhesive, mainly used for hair gel, mousse and glue mask; Powder, mainly used for the manufacture of fragrant powder products; Pigments and dyes, mainly used in the manufacture of beauty products; Preservatives, antioxidants, in the shelf life of cosmetics and consumer use process to inhibit microbial growth; Spices, increase the fragrance of cosmetics, improve product value; Other raw materials, including ultraviolet absorbent, dye intermediates used for dyeing black hair, perm raw materials, anti-perspirant, deodorant, anti-dry skin raw materials, anti-acne raw materials, etc. Common natural additives include hydrolyzed gelatin, hyaluronic acid, superoxide dismutase (SOD), royal jelly, silk fibroin, mink oil, pearl, aloe vera, medical stone, organic germanium, pollen, alginic acid, sea-buckthorn, Chinese herbal medicine, etc.

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