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Keywords :natural antioxidant reaction mechanism antioxidant action

There are many antioxidant active ingredients in natural plants, mainly flavonoids, polyphenols, This paper mainly discusses the mechanism of antioxidation and its antioxidation effect and its application in anti-aging.The so-called antioxidant refers to: as retardation due to oxidation caused by deterioration, rancidity, or discoloration of the material! . The function of antioxidants in food is to prevent spoilage, toxicity, loss of nutrients and changes in appearance, and to prevent the oxidation of oils and fats such as animal fats and vegetable plants to produce unpleasant compounds. As an antioxidant, it must meet the following requirements as far as possible: non-harmful to human body: can not have a bad taste, smell and color: low concentration can be suitable: if added to oil, it is fat soluble; after processing, it can still maintain effective antioxidant capacity; It needs to be fast, efficient and economical. What are the natural antioxidants in nature? The antioxidant active ingredients of natural plants are mainly flavonoids, polyphenols, saponins, tannins, vitamins, melatonin and so on. At present, many studies mainly focus on garlic polysaccharides, flavonoids and polyphenols.

Antioxidant is divided into :1 radical termination agent, most of the molecules containing phenolic structure compounds, such as BHA BHTTBHQ and natural tocopherol; 2 reducing agent, such as ascorbic acid and its salts, sulfite and its salts, riboflavin, etc.; 3 chelating agent, such as EDTA, citric acid, phytic acid, etc.; Monocyclic oxygen inhibitors, such as carotene, etc. Here are three natural antioxidants. They are rosemary extract, tea polyphenols and propolis.

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