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Rosa Centifolia Extract

Product name: Poria cocos powder, Poria cocos extract
Latin name: Rhizoma Smilacis Glabrae P.E
English name: Glabrous Greenbrier Rhizome P.E
Product alias: Poria, Poria peel, Poria block, Red Poria, White Poria
Extraction source: This product is the extract of the dried rhizomes of the Liliaceae plant Smilax glabra Roxb.
Product Specification: 10:1
Color properties: off-white powder
  • XJM
  • Xiaojinmi
  • 204
  • 10:1
  • black-brown powdery
  • HPLC and UV
  • no
  • 10:1
  • Kosher HALAL GMP ISO2000
  • 80-200MESH
  • Polysaccharides, triterpenes, fatty acids, sterols, enzymes
  • Pharm grade or food grade and cosmetic
  • Solvent Extraction
  • 2years
  • Aluminum foil bag or drum packing
  • yes
  • xi'an
  • 10tons
  • 1kg or as your requirement

Product Description of Rosa Centifolia Extract:

The main chemical components of Poria cocos extract are: polysaccharides, triterpenes, fatty acids, sterols, enzymes, etc. Since the 1970s, Chinese and foreign scholars have studied the chemical constituents and biological activities of Poria cocos, and found that a large number of triterpenoids contained in it have immunomodulatory, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, antagonizing aldosterone properties, and induce differentiation of leukemia cell line HL-60. good pharmacological activity. Modern pharmacological studies have shown that triterpenoids and polysaccharides in Poria cocos extract as natural active substances have various physiological activities, such as improving immunity, antibacterial, hypoglycemic, antitumor and other effects. The whitening effect of Poria cocos, such as the inhibition of tyrosinase by triterpenoids in the extract of Poria cocos has also been reported. As a commonly used medicine in traditional Chinese medicine, Poria is widely used in various prescriptions and is compatible with different medicines. According to statistics, Poria is used in 70% of common Chinese medicine prescriptions in my country. Poria has the functions of inducing phlegm and turbidity, diverting water and dampness, calming the heart and soothing the mind, dampening and strengthening the spleen, which are reflected in many classic traditional medical works. It is worth noting that modern scientific and technological research on the biological activity of Poria cocos extract mainly focuses on improving immunity, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, etc., which may be caused by the difference between the theoretical system of Chinese and Western medicine. Of course, the traditional effects of Poria, such as diuresis (urinary system), soothe the nerves (anti-convulsant), etc., are also supported by some modern research results.

Function of Rosa Centifolia Extract

1. Immunomodulation

The immunomodulatory function of Poria cocos is currently the most recognized function, and there are many studies on this aspect. For example, the composition identification and in vitro animal cell experiments of Poria cocos extracts showed that 2-N-acetylamino-D-glucose and 6-0-α-D-mannose-D-glucose contained in it had enhanced The biological activity of immunity can promote the proliferation of mouse lymphocytes, and triterpenoids have the function of bidirectional regulation of immunity. From the components of the Poria cocos extract, the T and B lymphocyte proliferation model was used as the screening platform, the lymphocytes were used as the target, the cell survival rate was determined by the live cell detection method, and the components with immunomodulatory function were screened. Degradation products, carboxymethylated derivatives and Poria cocos ethyl acetate extract were the main effective parts. And further component identification and immune function research results showed that the four compounds, such as tacosic acid, have immunosuppressive biological activities. How to improve the immune regulation function of Poria cocos is also a current research aspect. The content of water-soluble polysaccharides in Poria cocos extract is low, which limits its biological functions. Therefore, Poria polysaccharides are subjected to certain structural modifications, such as carboxymethylation, sulfate esterification, hydroxypropylation, hydroxyethylation Various derivatives of Poria cocos polysaccharide can be obtained by synthesizing, methylation, etc., which improve its water solubility and biological activity to varying degrees.

2. Antitumor activity

Recent studies have found that polysaccharides in Poria cocos extract have a direct effect on tumor cells, which can inhibit tumors by affecting the signal transduction of tumor cells, inhibiting the synthesis of RNA and DNA in tumor cells, and changing the growth cycle of tumor cells. However, the unmodified polysaccharide has low biological activity, and the tumor inhibition rate is only 0-3%, while the modified polysaccharide has good anti-tumor activity. Studies have shown that carboxymethyl tuckahoe polysaccharide has a direct cytotoxic effect on mouse Ehrlich ascites cancer cells, and its inhibitory effect is achieved by inhibiting DNA synthesis, and the inhibitory effect has a dose effect. Polysaccharides were extracted from the mycelium of Poria cocos, followed by molecular tailoring and sulfate esterification to obtain sulfated polysaccharides (SP). Experiments show that SP can enhance the expression of apoptosis-related genes Fas and Bax, reduce the expression of apoptosis-inhibiting gene Bcl-2, and induce apoptosis in mouse S180 tumor cells. Triterpenoids also have obvious anti-tumor effects, but like polysaccharides, most studies also show that certain modifications of triterpenoids are needed to improve their anti-tumor effects.

3. Anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory

Poria cocos extract has a good anti-inflammatory effect on various inflammations. Most studies show that the triterpenoids in Poria cocos are the main components of anti-inflammatory effect, which can achieve anti-inflammatory effects by inhibiting phospholipase (PLA2). Effect. There are also some studies that Poria polysaccharides also have a certain effect on anti-inflammatory.

4. Antioxidant

The antioxidant effect of Poria cocos has received more and more attention recently. Oxidation is related to various diseases, such as tumors, inflammation, and decreased immunity. Therefore, the antioxidant effect may be one of the mechanisms of other functions of Poria cocos. The triterpenoids in the Poria cocos extract can effectively scavenge superoxide anion free radicals (O2-), hydroxyl radicals ( OH) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), and the scavenging rate has a dose-dependent relationship with the mass concentration; further in vitro Antioxidant experiments showed that the triterpenoids of Poria cocos inhibited the hemolysis of erythrocytes in chickens, and had a good scavenging effect on malondialdehyde (MDA) produced by lipid peroxidation in the liver of mice. In addition to triterpenoids, Poria polysaccharides have also been shown to have antioxidant properties. Poria is often used as a hypoglycemic drug in traditional Chinese medicine. The crude extract of Poria cocos and some of its purified fractions were administered to a mouse model of type 2 diabetes by gavage. The crude extract of Poria cocos and triterpenoids can reduce blood sugar by enhancing the effect of insulin.

5. Effects on the urinary system

Chinese medicine believes that Poria has the ability to divert water and dampness, and can cure dysuria, edema and fullness. Modern research shows that this is mainly related to Poria polysaccharides, and has certain effects on nephritis and prostate diseases. As early as the 1990s, it was found that Poria cocos polysaccharide has an inhibitory effect on glomerulonephritis in mice, mainly by inhibiting the deposition of C3 in the glomeruli. Pachymic acid (PA) was isolated from Poria cocos, and its effect on human prostate tumor cells was studied. It was observed that PA can significantly slow down the proliferation of tumor cells and cause apoptosis. Further research found that PA inhibits prostaglandin The production of AKT and AKT activity are reduced to cause apoptosis. A recent study analyzed the inhibitory effect of Poria cocos on the expression of water channel AQP2 induced by hyperosmotic pressure in the kidney, and found that Poria cocos can increase the transcription and expression of its mRNA and protein, indicating that Poria cocos can maintain the water balance of renal cells under osmotic pressure. , and inhibited the apoptosis of cells under high osmotic pressure, which explained the effect of traditional medicine Poria on the urinary system from molecular theory.

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Package Detail of Plant extract :

1. 1 kilogram per Aluminum Foil Bag with one plastic-bags inside;
2. 25 kilograms per cardboard barrel with one plastic-bags inside;
3. Packaging as the customers' requirements.

4. Storage: Stored in a cool&dry well-closed container, keep away from moisture and strong light/heat.
5. Shelf life: Two years under well storage situation.

Shipping Methods of Plant extract :

1. By Express: Suitable for sample order or <50kg, 3-10 days, High shipping cost, Door to door service;
2. By Air Transportation: Suitable for >50kg, 3-7 days, Lower than express cost, Airport to airport service, Professional broker needed;
3. By Sea Transportation: Suitable for > 300kg, 7-45 days, Lowest cost, Port to port service, Professional broker needed.




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