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Soybean Peptide

Product name: soybean peptide, soybean small molecule peptide, soybean oligopeptide
English name: Soybean Peptide
Product features: Small molecular peptides are easily soluble in water and easy to absorb; no beany smell, no protein denaturation, no acidity, no precipitation, no coagulation under heating, good fluidity and other good processing properties, are excellent health food ingredients.
Odor: special, no beany smell
Appearance: light yellow fine powder, no agglomeration, no impurities
Source of extraction: Soybean peptide is a small molecular fragment composed of 2 to 10 amino acids by enzymatically converting macromolecular soybean protein using biotechnology.
Chemical composition: soybean oligopeptide, a small molecular fragment composed of 2 to 10 amino acids, rich in 22 kinds of amino acids, including 9 kinds of amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize.
Specifications: more than 99%hydrolysis pu rified product molecular weight <300Da (this product is white instant), and yellow soybean peptide. Please contact customer service if necessary.
Production process: enzymatic hydrolysis
  • XJM

  • Xiaojinmi

  • 207

  • 99%

  • light yellow to off-white

  • Kjeldahl nitrogen determination

  • no

  • 99%

  • Kosher HALAL GMP ISO2000

  • 80-200MESH

  • Free amino acids

  • Pharm grade or food grade and cosmetic

  • enzymatic hydrolysis

  • 2years

  • Aluminum foil bag or drum packing

  • yes

  • xi'an

  • 10tons

  • 1kg or as your requirement

Product Description of Soybean peptide:

Soybean peptide refers to a peptide obtained from soybean protein by proteolysis of soybean. Mainly composed of oligopeptides composed of 3-6 amino acids, it can quickly supplement the nitrogen source of the human body, restore physical strength and relieve fatigue [1] . Soybean peptide has the functions of low antigenicity, inhibition of cholesterol, promotion of lipid metabolism and fermentation. Used in food, it can quickly supplement protein source, eliminate fatigue and act as a proliferation factor for bifidobacteria. Soybean peptide contains a small amount of macromolecular peptides, free amino acids, carbohydrates and inorganic salts, and the relative molecular mass is below 1000. The protein content of soybean peptide is about 85%, and its amino acid composition is the same as that of soybean protein, with a good balance of essential amino acids and rich content. Compared with soybean protein, soybean peptide has the physiological functions of high digestion and absorption rate, rapid energy supply, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and promotion of fat metabolism, as well as no beany smell, no protein denaturation, no acid precipitation, no coagulation when heated, and easy solubility. It has good processing properties such as water resistance and good fluidity, and is an excellent health food material.

Function of  Soybean peptide:

1. Small molecule, easy to absorb

Soybean peptide is a small molecule protein, which is very easy to be absorbed by the human body. The absorption speed is 20 times that of ordinary protein and 3 times that of amino acids. It is suitable for people with poor protein digestion and absorption, such as middle-aged and elderly people, patients in convalescent period after surgery, tumors And radiotherapy and chemotherapy patients, poor gastrointestinal function and so on.

Because the molecule of soybean peptide is very small, the soybean peptide is a transparent, pale yellow liquid after being dissolved in water; while ordinary protein powder is mainly made of soybean protein, and soybean protein is a macromolecule, so it is milky white after being dissolved. of liquid. Some soybean peptide products on the market are mixed with a large amount of ordinary protein powder. After being washed out, it is milky white, which is not easy to be digested and absorbed. Consumers should pay attention to identification when purchasing.

2. Improve immunity

Soy peptides contain arginine and glutamic acid. Arginine can increase the volume and health of the thymus, an important immune organ of the human body, and enhance immunity; when a large number of viruses invade the human body, glutamic acid can produce immune cells to fight off the virus.

3. Promote fat metabolism and lose weight

Soybean peptides can promote the activation of sympathetic nerves and induce the activation of brown adipose tissue function, thereby promoting energy metabolism, effectively reducing body fat, while maintaining the same weight of skeletal muscle.

Japanese experts took mice as the object and found that when they were fed soybean peptides, they found that the BAT activity of brown adipose tissue, which produces heat energy, was stimulated, and the activity increased with the increase in the amount of soybean peptides taken. In addition, when taking soy peptides to young obese people, it is found that it can reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat, increase heat dissipation and improve basal metabolism.


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